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a plant story

a dance between science, art, and the delightful world of flavors

In a world gradually forgetting the tender embrace of nature's rhythm, we've decided to rekindle that connection. Our guests are treated to a magical seven-course menu including wine pairing or non alcoholic pairing — a culinary tribute to the kaleidoscope of plants. Each dish is a chapter in this enchanting narrative. We're not just savoring; we're tasting the very essence of growth, transformation, and union.

What to expect?

We don't want to reveal too much yet but one thing is for certain, this journey isn't just about indulging in tantalizing dishes; it's a philosophical reverie. It invites you to ponder the infinite possibilities that sprout from a single seed. As you leave, you'll carry a piece of that contemplation with you, a renewed reverence for the delicate beauty woven into the tapestry of nature. 

Who wrote the story?

Luca Frei - Head Chef and Creative Mastermind

Takes you on a journey with his uniquely prepared seven-course menu. Whenever Luca is involved, you can be sure it will be something special, as he brings tons of creativity and experience to the plate in a very unique way

Claude Steiner - The Visual Artist

Will bring music to life visually. With years of experience in art shows and visual design, he ensures that your immersive journey through the world of plants will be an experience in itself.


Miguel Ledesma - The Wine Expert

Is indispensable to any event; without him, it wouldn’t be the same occasion. With a wealth of experience, he co-founded the Maison Manesse restaurant, worked and cooked for several other restaurants, and is currently producing his own wine at the Litwan Wein vineyard. Migi will curate the perfect wine selection for your seven-course menu through the journey of a plant.

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