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Cafuné 3.0
Mushroom inspired cuisine, Natural Wine, Listening Bar

The Portuguese word "Cafuné" refers to the act of tenderly caressing a loved one's hair. The Pop-up Restaurant "Cafuné" combines fine dining cuisine, natural wines, local art, Jazz, Soul, and Funk music in a cozy and vibrant bar environment where our guests can enjoy natural wines and exquisite mushroom-inspired cuisine. We also offer a bar food menu and a selection of snacks.


In mid-November, another highlight is set to open - "The MushRoom," a regenerative art space that will provide local artists with a platform to showcase their talents. A program will be announced soon, featuring poetry, comedy, concerts, and listening sessions. The space is curated by Weilea Zülch, and the program is organized by Sebastian Brunner, the former booker from Moods.


The Pop-up Restaurant is located at Zwinglistrasse 22 within Dante Bar. It will be open from November 2nd to December 31st, 2023.


Cafune Wine listening Bar

Zwinglistrasse 22

8004 Zürich

Opening hours

November 2nd - December 31st

Wednesday to Sunday 

5 pm - 12 pm

Sunday is our event-day, follow us on instagram or join our newsletter to be up to date.

Reservation Information

Wednesday to Saturday

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

No-show we allow us to bill 80.- per Person.

Feel free to drop by anytime and check for table availability.

We happy to welcome you!

Much love,


Special Events
26.11.2023 - La grande fête du Beaujolais (reservation available, below)
03.12.2023 - Kebbih Day  the Mushroom Kebab
10.12.2023 - KIN x Cafuné
17.12.2023 - Surprise guest at Cafuné

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